I have known and worked with Kristin close to 11 years. We have worked together off and on during this time on several types of projects. She has an outstanding ability to find creative solutions for many different scenarios. She is quick witted, holds high standards and brings a level of innovation that is hard to find. In my 20 plus years of working with creative types she always stands out. She is at the top of my list of design thinkers and innovators to work with.
I highly recommend Kristin as an independent contributor or for a leadership position. She will be successful on anything she sets her sights to. 




Lisa Wynn



I had the pleasure of working with Kristin on many projects over the course of our time on the same team (about a year). I can honestly say I've done the best brainstorming of my life with her. The ideas and thoughts she brings to each project are inspiring and she helps others find their best ideas through her work.
I would highly recommend Kristin for any team.

Kristen Hartwigsen



Kristin and I worked together for two years. I was the lead on multiple projects that required a strong design presence. As we brought Kristin on board, it was soon evident how her skills would enhance these projects. Kristin is a talented designer with an eye for customized look-and-feel, color palette and layout. She is completely competent in Adobe suite and other supporting softwares.
However, more than that, Kristin goes above and beyond to create her design. She is a natural cultural anthropologist and digs deeply into the people and the story surrounding the project; as a result she creates design that is intensely personal and relevant.
Additionally, she is very skilled at storytelling, which allows her to create design briefs that read more like novels and take the audience on a journey as she shares her ideas.
She can also be very good at driving production to completion, managing vendors, timelines, quality control, and delivery of collateral related to the campaigns she is working on. All three of these major skill sets were used time and time again during our work, to the point where our team won a major Nike award for a campaign that Kristin had direct influence on scoping, designing, and producing.  She's aware of companies and their culture; she knows how to navigate the waters.
I recommend her without hesitation.

Nate James

solutions principle


As a communication manager at Nike, I oversaw Kristin's graphic design work. She was strong as a designer, frequently diving deep to connect with a deeper meaning of our concepts and helping create more meaningful visuals for our target audiences.
I recommend Kristin for any team in need of a creative leader.


director of direct merchandising

Nike, INC.

Design skills, communication, ability to know her Consumer and attention to detail are Kristin's strengths. She works well both on a team and as an individual. I would recommend Kristin for role where her passions are empowered and encouraged.



origin india
restaurant group

Kristin is an intelligent and motivated individual. She is very thorough, detailed and responsible. As our Director of Marketing, Kristin initiated and oversaw a number of marketing projects as well as a major re-branding effort of the restaurant.
Her creativity is evident in all aspects of Origin India’s brand and her work speaks for itself. She is not only efficient and a highly contributing team member; she is a delight to have around.
I highly recommend Kristin, she has a way of making herself indispensable!



Coho productions pdx

Kristin is the best in a long list of consultants who has been able to turn our visions into reality.
Working with our limited budget, she was able to rise far above our expectations. Courteous, communicative, skilled, and very understanding of our needs, we’re looking forward to working with her again soon.